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Personal Injury Attorney in St. Louis, MO

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Raphael Morris

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For over 19 years, attorney Raphael Morris has been providing individuals and families in the greater St. Louis area with the trusted, high-quality legal services they need during some of the most difficult and stressful periods of their lives. Whether your case involves a personal injury claim resulting from an auto accident, workplace injury, slip & fall incident, or you are in need of experienced criminal defense after an arrest, you can have peace of mind that Raphael will handle your case with excellence and guide you to the most favorable outcome available in your situation. If you are in St. Louis, Missouri, or in the St. Charles or Jefferson County areas, contact The Morris Firm today and schedule a free consultation.


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Having an attorney who is committed to your case is vital to its outcome. At The Morris Firm, you can feel confident will receive knowledgeable counsel throughout the legal process.

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The result of your legal situation will affect not only your present circumstances but your future as well. It's only right that you be closely involved at every stage of your case.

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When you choose to bring your case to The Morris Firm, you will have an attorney who will sit with you to learn the details of your case, hear your concerns, and answer your questions.



Put an Experienced Attorney On Your Side

Suffering a physical injury can be difficult enough without having to also worry about the financial strain that can come along with it. If you have suffered an injury due to the actions or negligence of another party, you have the right to take legal action to pursue fair compensation.

At The Morris Firm, your personal injury claim will be in the experienced, capable hands of an attorney who will make seeking a positive result on your behalf the priority. Throughout the course of the legal process, attorney Raphael Morris will be with you step by step providing knowledgeable guidance.

Whether your injury is the result of a car accident, slip & fall incident, medical malpractice, or a workplace accident, you can trust Raphael to help you pursue compensation that can pay your medical costs, cover for lost wages due to an inability to work, or repair property damage.

In addition to personal injury claims, attorney Raphael Morris has extensive experience providing effective criminal defense for clients who have been charged with a DWI, drug crime, assault & battery, and more. Having Raphael in your corner will give you a strong chance for a positive result.

Traffic violations can cause not only complications and frustration today, but also the possibility of legal issues down the road for your driving privileges. To protect your license when facing charges of speeding or reckless driving, quick action is necessary. Let Raphael explain your options and work toward a solution.

No matter what legal challenges you are facing in regard to a personal injury or criminal charges, having an experienced attorney in your corner can make a difference. If you are in St. Louis, St. Charles, or the surrounding counties, call The Morris Firm today for a free consultation.