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St. Louis Area Struck and Killed Riding Bicycle

A boy from Belleville, Illinois was involved in a bicycle-motor vehicle accident Sunday night.  Cameron Curran, age 16, was riding his bike when he was hit by a car.  Tragically, he died soon after the accident.

743 bicyclists died in the year 2013 due to collisions with vehicles, while 48,000 bicyclist injuries were reported.  There are several causes for bicycle-motor vehicle accidents, such as: riding while intoxicated, riding in areas with heavy traffic flow, and driver inattention.  It is important that bike riders have the proper protection while riding to prevent accidents.  For example, it is advised that riders have reflectors on their bikes in order to ensure that vehicles on the road will see them at night.  In Illinois, it is state law that bicyclists follow the same traffic laws as motor vehicles.  If a bike rider fails to take safety precautions that are required by law, their negligence could cause an accident.  In addition, it is important that motor vehicles follow laws and take safety precautions as well.  For example, when a vehicle passes a bicycle in Illinois, the vehicle has to have a space at least three feet wide between them and the bicycle.

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