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St. Louis Area Car accident Kills Two and Injures More

An accident occurred in Madison City, Illinois last Wednesday involving a stolen vehicle. The occupants of the stolen Honda Odyssey caused a crash while trying to flee from police officer who tried to pull the driver over for not stopping at stop signs. The Honda Odyssey got away from the police officer, only to come into contact with the officer again soon after. After this, the driver of the stolen car drove northbound on Route 203, driving across traffic that was headed in their direction. The Odyssey came close to hitting one vehicle, but instead hit a different one. The impact of the collision caused both vehicles involved in the accident to spin. After spinning, the Honda Odyssey rolled over, sadly causing two of the people in the vehicle to die and the third to be taken to the hospital by plane. The driver of the vehicle hit by the Odyssey was injured. The accident is still being further looked into for more details. Every year, about 10 million auto-accidents occur nationally. These accidents vary in severity, with some being minor fender benders and others tragic total losses. It is important that drivers practice road-safety. While driving, vehicle operators should be focused on the road and their surroundings. In addition, it is important that all people in the car wear their seat belts.

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