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Semi-Truck Driver Responsible for Fatal Pedestrian

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating a pedestrian accident that occurred in Stafford, Missouri on Monday afternoon. According to authorities, 69-year-old John Freelove was walking along Missouri 125 when he was struck by semi-truck that was exiting Interstate 44 onto Missouri 125. Freelove was transported by ambulance to a Springfield hospital where he died from his injuries soon after arrival. The driver of the semi-truck, a 65-year-old man, continued driving along the roadway and had to be stopped by police. He has not yet been charged for the accident, but authorities are continuing their investigation.
Thousands of pedestrians are killed and seriously injured in accidents involving motor vehicles. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages all pedestrians to follow safety precautions while traveling, such as utilizing crosswalks and sidewalks when available, wearing reflective clothing, and walking in well-lit areas. However, the safest pedestrian is still at risk of being injured or killed in an accident due to the negligent driving of motorists. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving, and aggressive driving can all cause a pedestrian accident.
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