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Fatal Wrong-Way Crash in St. Louis Area

Wrong-way car accidents occur when a vehicle is being driven in a lane of traffic that is going the opposite way of the legal direction of traffic.  These kind of car accidents make up for a minority of accidents that occur on divided highways.   In most wrong way collisions the wrong way driver is seriously impaired, either through intoxication or other reasons.  It is more probable that the injuries resulting from wrong-way accidents will be more severe and dangerous than injuries resulting from other kinds of accidents on highways since the cars are colliding from opposite directions.
Last night a wrong-way car accident occurred on westbound Interstate 44, which shut it down until early this morning.  A driver was driving toward the east while in the westbound lanes, and she collided with another vehicle head-on.  The driver who was in the wrong lane was taken to the hospital where she passed away.  In the other car involved in the accident there were two people injured, but not severely.
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