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Criminal Marijuana Possession Charges in Missouri

Criminal Marijuana Possession Charges in Missouri

Have you or a family member been arrested for charges of marijuana possession in St. Louis? Has a drug possession lawyer informed you of what formal criminal marijuana possession charges entail? Well, The Morris Law Firm is here to provide you with information related to criminal marijuana possession charges in St. Louis.

Missouri Marijuana Possession Laws

As you may know, Missouri has some of the harshest marijuana possession laws in the country.  Marijuana possession charges can seriously impact those individuals who find themselves facing such criminal allegations.

Generally, to be guilty of marijuana possession in Missouri, the State must prove that an individual has knowledge and control of the drug.

Knowledge & Control of Marijuana Possession

To show that a person has knowledge, the State must prove that an individual who possesses marijuana knows about the drugs nature.  This means that the person must know that the item they posses is in fact marijuana.

Control of marijuana consists of either actual control or constructive control.  Actual control of marijuana means that the substance is in a person’s possession or reach.  For constructive control, it must be shown that someone has the ability and the intent to exercise ownership or control over marijuana either directly or indirectly through others.  Without both knowledge and control, there can be no possession of marijuana.

Possession of an amount of marijuana will be deemed a felony, unless the substance is 35 grams or less, in which it would be classified as a misdemeanor.

As you know, outcomes to cases depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.  If you or a love one has been arrested on marijuana possession charges, you should promptly seek a criminal defense lawyer to represent you and get you the best results possible.  Particularly, if this is your first offense, it may be possible to resolve your case without having a criminal conviction on your record or serving time in jail.

Contact the attorneys at The Morris Law Firm at 314-241-5900 for a free case evaluation. Outcomes to criminal cases depend on the facts and circumstances of each one, but we are the right team to choose to provide you skilled counseling and representation.