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Criminal Marijuana Drug Trafficking Charges in St. Louis

A conviction for marijuana trafficking in St. Louis will result in serious legal, financial, and social consequences. It can threaten the security of your employment, costs you thousands of dollars in court fines, and result in incarceration for a prolonged period of time.

You should consult with a St. Louis drug trafficking attorney immediately if you are charged with the trafficking of marijuana.

Read on to learn more about the criminal penalties and sentencing regarding marijuana trafficking in St. Louis.

Missouri Marijuana Trafficking Laws

Generally, in order to be convicted of a marijuana trafficking charge in Missouri, the prosecutor must prove that you had knowledge and control of the marijuana in which you sought to traffic.  Note, you can still be charged with a trafficking offense even if you have a small amount of marijuana in your possession.

Knowledge & Control of Marijuana Possession

I previously discussed the key elements of what the prosecution must prove in order to show that a person had knowledge about the nature of marijuana within their possession.

Basically, the prosecutor must show that a person had either actual control or constructive control of marijuana. Additionally, for a criminal conviction pertaining to the trafficking of marijuana, the prosecution must prove that the accused attempted to deliver or purchase marijuana.

Here are some of the fines and penalties for the manufacture, sale, and trafficking of marijuana in Missouri.

Amount Max.                       Sentence Max.                                     Fine

5 Grams or Less                 7 Years                                                        $5,000

5 – 30 Kilograms                5 to 15 Years                                             $5k-20k

5 – 30 Kilograms                10 Years to Life                                       $5k-20k

100 or more Kilograms 10 Years and Life                                       $5k-20k


As you know, outcomes to cases depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case.  If you or a love one has been arrested on marijuana trafficking charges, you should promptly seek a criminal defense lawyer to represent you and get you the best results possible.  Note, a state criminal charge pertaining to the trafficking of marijuana may result in federal charges as well.

Contact the attorneys at The Morris Law Firm at 314-241-5900 for a free case evaluation. Outcomes to criminal cases depend on the facts and circumstances of each one, but we are the right team to choose to provide you skilled counseling and representation.


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